Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Advent Wreaths for Families with Children

I led an Advent Wreath making time during Sunday School last Sunday, and will do another next Sunday, Nov. 25. After much researching on the Internet and on Pinterest I came up with my own idea because we had a budget. I used red plastic plates for the base, artificial pine garland (Walmart - $2 for 9 ft.)---used 2 ft. for each wreath), bows (1/2 price at Hobby Lobby---$1 a roll which I think is 30 ft.), little glittery red balls (Hobby Lobby vase filler---big bag 1/2 price for $2), white school glue AND hot glue that only the high school helpers worked with (they glued the wreaths to the plastic plates first then the kids began decorating). Oh, and party votive candles (Hobby Lobby 12 for $5.99--safer for children and in my price range). I let the kids use as many little glittery balls as desired and ribbon. I am happy with the results. I will add a couple photos here. Also copied an information sheet about Advent I wrote back in the 1970's before computer word processors, etc.!! Yes, I'm "old"!

The first Sunday in Advent is December 2, the second Dec. 9, the third Dec. 16, and the fourth is Dec. 23. Some put a larger candle in the middle of the Advent wreath for the Christ candle, to light on Christmas Day. Each Sunday in Advent you light the candle or candles (Dec. 16 is the third Sun. so you light 3 candles).

When I was a girl, we lit the candles every evening and read Advent devotions and had a prayer. We did this with our own family. I admit, as the daughters got older and in more activities this didn't happen as frequently. We did try to at least light candles and have devotions on Sundays.

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