Thursday, May 8, 2014


Love this quote. The same could be said for good mamas (change "grandchildren" to children)!

I am an exclamation point girl! And have been for years. It's my way of putting enthusiasm, happiness, passion, into my prose. It's my smiley 'face' before there was such a thing. The grammar people don't like exclamation points in writing. Humph. Not listening to them!!!

Went out to eat dinner tonight. The young man who was our server (waiter in years past), was lively and fun. He kept saying I reminded him of his grandma! She sounded cool so I took it as a compliment. Could I be his grandma? Age-wise? My husband says yes. OK then. 

Grandson Benjamin, my daily little charge, is going to be two years old next week. We have practiced putting his fingers in place to make two, and he's got it. He is one bright child. Talking in sentences with a large vocabulary; counts to 5 (forgets 4), and sometimes counts to 10 (still forgets 4); sings the ABC's; recognizes/identifies some letters; is very imaginative with play and toys; oh and so much more! I am so thankful to be able to take care of him! 

I can get 'kidnapped' by so many things on the Internet. One thing leads to another and then to another and then to another. My curiosity and attention are so easily sucked in to the "Web." Hum, the web can be thought of in different ways---like the web that catches me.

All the ramblings for now!  

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