Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thoughts on a Tuesday

It was 80+ degrees today in Columbia, MO!! Now a cold front is moving in and we are getting lightening, thunder, rain, and eventually snow! Yesterday it was 70 degrees, and a week earlier on Monday it was a snow day due to frigid temps and icy-snowy conditions. Wow is all I can say.

Last week I was perusing online tea sellers looking for some good Ceylon loose tea. Found several, though some too expensive. Finally ordered one box of Ceylon tea that is imported from Sri Lanka to England to the U.S. I made it for the first time yesterday and it was lovely. 

My mind flashed back to Iserlohn, Germany, a late summer afternoon in 2009, sitting in front of our new friend's home in the shade of a tree, with teapot and mugs on the table in front of us, sipping Ceylon tea her parent's had brought back from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), just savoring the tea and the time together. It was the best tea I'd ever had. Why? Maybe because it had been an amazing visit in the town of my husband's grandmother's birthplace and early years. We had toured and worshiped in the church where she was
baptized and confirmed. Driving to the street where her home had been before the war, and seeing photos in the local historical museum of her bombed out home was poignant. She had already immigrated to the U.S. before WW II.  Seeing how the local Lutheran church was getting out and taking ministry to the people was exciting too. All in all it was a fabulous visit. 

Back to my new Ceylon tea. Amazing what a cup of tea can do! I have an idea that this tea will always remind me of a special time in Iserlohn, Germany.

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