Saturday, March 1, 2014

Strange Week and Weather

It has been a strange week. Our sweet 21-month-old grandson had a terrible case of the stomach flu with fever. Lasting about 48 hours, it was very worrisome. So I only had him here for two-and-a-half days. 

Now we are waiting for our third really big snow storm of the winter. We are in a winter storm warning from late tonight until Monday morning. So strange. The first Sundays in January and February 2014 we had to cancel church worship services due to ice and snow. It is looking very probable that we will have to do the same tomorrow, the first Sunday in March. This is unprecedented for our church.

As I look out the living room window, my two bird feeders hanging from our top deck are very busy. I filled them up yesterday, and also the front yard feeders anticipating the snow and bitter cold we are expecting. Maybe the birds are eating up knowing what is coming. And our wind chimes on the lower deck are making constant 'music' as the north wind blows in. 

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