Monday, March 24, 2014

Maybe We Should Stop Entertaining Our Kids So Much

Maybe We Should Stop Entertaining Our Kids So Much — We are THAT Family:  'via Blog this'

There is merit in this blog post. It is hard to know when enough entertainment is too much entertainment. It's a thin line. Yes, kids need time for imaginative play and encouragement to do it. And yes, I know my daughter needs to get out of the house and do something with the kids as much as the kids need it. 

To be fair, I get cranky after being in the car for so many hours. I do read, listen to music, and just enjoy the countryside. My husband and I love traveling in the car together because we have uninterrupted time to talk and just be together. 

I am aware of the entitlement issue with kids today. A prudent use of entertainment though is enriching and expanding for kids, not exactly entitlement. 

So as my mother would say, moderation in all things.  

P.S. From my husband: "Somewhere I read that the opposite of bored is not fun, rather is engaged.  And it varies how much each person will be engaged by something without wanting something else to go to."

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