Monday, March 3, 2014

Dodged the Storm

I was going to entitle this post "Dodged the Bullet" but I am so against guns and bullets that no way was I going to do that. So, we dodged the storm. It was predicted that Saturday night and Sunday were going to bring us 6-10" of sleet, snow and ice. Well, the thin layer of ice came Saturday night, then the sleet on top of that actually added traction for feet and tires (my husband says). We got a few snow flakes on Sunday late afternoon, but not many. Now the COLD part of the forecast was true. It was -1 degree this morning, and school was called off because of that (my guess) and janitors and grounds keepers were just getting to work this morning to clear sidewalks, or de-ice them, and make all walking areas safe. 

These days, since I take care of grandson Benjamin, I don't look forward to "snow days" off from school like I used to. This year we've had far too many with all this crazy weather. Now I hope for a snow day only so daughter-teacher Anja can stay home with Ben. Then I miss Ben, especially if it's been several days in a row. Luckily today I get to have him this afternoon while his parents run some errands. He's napping now, but he is still here!

Yesterday at church I sat by Benjamin and parents, and when the children's sermon came and Pop was the one doing it, Ben wanted to go right up front. He declined help from his Dad (which I felt a little bad about) and came to me, Nana, to go with him. He was just darling as he walked up (surprise Pop!) and sat on the communion rail kneelers right by Pop. He did a pretty good job, just getting up to walk to the other side of the circle a couple times. He always ended up by Pop. I had to help him find his way back to Mama and Daddy. It was marvelous to see his participation in the worship service for the first time. OK, he started getting a little loud during the sermon so headed to the church nursery. If this was his behavior for the first time sitting in church (since he was little little) he is off to a grand start!

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