Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter, Snow, and Me

More snow. On top of ice. Blowing, drifting snow. Frigid, extreme temperatures tonight. Oh winter, you are fierce this year in Missouri, and many other places.

Me, after three no-school days (snow days) I am missing Benjamin. So happy his mommy can be with him and have lots of quality time. Still I'm thinking of his little voice, words, seeing his toys, and missing him. Ben enlivens my days, keeps me healthy (I don't snack or really eat as much when he is here). There is still a child in me because I so enjoy playing with him, doing toddler activities, trying out songs, discovering new things, and just plain being together.

This has been a time of intense reading for me. Working on my Bible Study chapters, reading more about St. Paul, and reading Acts and Romans (currently in Romans). And (chagrin) too much time on Facebook. Also have been catching up in my journal,
handwritten with fountain pen. Oh and there have been naps, and sleeping late. Watching the numerous birds at our feeders which I filled up yesterday in the snow (more snow and wind filled up my footprints on the deck). Just distraction free (overall) time to think, pray, and expand my mind. 

Time, I thank and praise our Lord God for the day. Every day is precious and I must focus on His blessings to find joy. Eucharisteo. GRACE, THANKSGIVING, JOY. To be with God every minute of every day.

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