Sunday, February 2, 2014

Home on Sunday Morning

This is very rare indeed. Our worship services were cancelled today for the second time in two months. Our outside world is ice covered with a thin layer of snow. Main roads are OK, but our hilly side streets are not. So my pastor husband and I are together at home on a Sunday morning. Strange.

He has been working on church work in his study. I have been blogging, reading, and praying in the living room. Oh and also watching birds at our two feeders. This is not too different for me in that I am usually home in the early morning until I go to worship on Sunday.

Making French Toast for brunch, eating late in the morning, all not the usual. I am not complaining, because I like that we have time together, that he gets to truly have a Sabbath rest. We even watched a movie last night, a Saturday night! I could get used to this, but alas, that's a few years off. Get used to Saturday night movies, and still attending Sunday worship of course!

Sunday blessings to you.

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