Sunday, February 2, 2014

Grateful for Grace

Grateful for Grace...yes. Thanking the Lord for all the grace-filled blogs I am finding. Women (mainly) who have things to say, gorgeous photos to share, all with the love of Jesus in their hearts. 

Today via Ann Voskamp's blog "A Holy Experience"(see my list of blogs I follow)I found "The Nesting Place" and "Chatting at the Sky." Now they are added to my list of blogs. All three of the above women support and spread the word about Compassion International,an international charity of integrity that sponsors children in poverty all over the world.

I am happy to share these blogs. My blog is not intended to go commercial or even to a wide audience (at this time I have 2 followers and they are my family!). Still I will blog for the few that read! And for myself, I guess. It's a way of journaling as we know. And I will continue to be inspired by these blogs I read. I am thankful and grateful for these remarkable women. Maybe I am also thinking had I been a young wife and mother in this day and age, I may have gone after blogging the way they have. 

I'll end this with an excerpt from Emily P. Freeman at "Chatting at the Sky":

May your weekend be full of hope. May you be able to move beyond your fear and insecurity into the life of someone else, releasing the right to control the outcomes of your movement. And may you remember the words of Wess Stafford, words that brought tears to my eyes every time I heard him speak them this week: If God makes you strong, it is so you can help those who are weak.
May you embrace your own strength and offer help to those who need it. And may you accept your weakness when others help you, being wise enough to receive it.

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