Tuesday, February 25, 2014

From a Distance

Our little guy is sick and his mother is staying home with him. He was "off" yesterday and by mid-afternoon he had the stomach flu. A sure sign was when he didn't want to do water play before lunch and then was falling asleep in his high chair. 

Our daughter is keeping us updated. Last evening he was still sick and sleeping on the sofa so they could keep an eye on him. No update yet this morning.

I remember those days of stomach flu with our daughters. Lots of concern, laundry, buckets, Lysol, videos, camping out on our family room floor, and worry. Now I don't do all that, however I do think about him and am worried/concerned from a distance. Less messy this way, less work, still the concern.

So I'm thankful our daughter updates us. And I'm anxious to hear from her this morning. And although I will have a day off from Nana Care it will cause me to be a bit "off."

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