Monday, January 20, 2014

Pop, Hugo and Trains

Hugo named his grandpa Paul Pop, and that is now his name all the grandkids use. 

Pop loves trains, real and model. He has read many train books, enjoys studying train maps and the history of trains. This love of trains has spread to Hugo. Together they have gone to the Train Museum in St. Paul, MN several times. Hugo has the Brio wooden train and does elaborate track layouts. First thing when he arrives here is ask Pop to show him the electric trains downstairs! 

Pop has wanted to take Hugo on a short train ride, and over the Christmas holidays this worked out. Hugo was excited and a little fearful. However, when his parents dropped Pop and him at the Amtrak station in Jefferson City, Missouri, he went right aboard. When we met them in Hermann, Missouri, he and Pop stepped right off. Hugo was carrying his small stuffed dog at that point! Pop said he asked for it mid-ride. 

The train they rode is the Missouri River Runner, which travels between Kansas City and St. Louis. Someday they may take the entire trip, but this was just enough for Hugo at this tender age of 4! He loved it.

The rest of the family met them in Hermann, where we proceeded to have a lovely lunch at the Wurst House. Benjamin will be the next grandchild to ride the train with Pop I predict. Maybe Ben and Vera on the same trip since they are so close in age. Time will tell. Meanwhile, these are wonderful times for us as grandparents. We are thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for them.

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