Monday, January 6, 2014


Brrr! Mid-Missouri is not used to sub-zero temperatures. This morning on our thermometer it was -10 degrees Fahrenheit! [read Washington Post article] Schools are closed (we got 5" of snow, but it's mainly due to the extreme cold) which means I don't have my little grandson to care for today. So yes, I've been reading blogs, doing FB, doing devotions, drinking coffee now tea, and just generally taking it easy.

I do have a list of things to get done today. And the quote here sums it up for me. My will is lacking on many things. The main enemy of my will is procrastination. Also I just don't like doing certain things. Or I really like doing other things, so I let chores, duties, go. Amazing how I can walk past a pile of stuff (Christmas remnants) blocking my open closet. Yes, when the grandkids and all were here there was no time (?) or energy (!). Now there is time, and again, the quote above applies: will to do it. My energy can be mustered for things I like. Now I must will some energy to get the chores done.

Having a deadline always helps. Like my church womens group is meeting here Thursday evening, 4 days away. I plan, want, to do some chores every day until then; I don't want to procrastinate. With procrastination comes stress and intensity I don't need, and especially I don't need to give to my husband. With procrastination, he often takes on some thing or things I haven't gotten to or finished. 

So I pray to God to give me support to have my will work. To help get rid of procrastination. Praise and thank you God for my many blessings.

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