Monday, January 27, 2014

Big Project

The beginning of this last week, Pop and I worked for about 2 1/2 hours putting together a little play kitchen for our grandkids, but more specifically for our 20 month-old we take care of during the week. Since Benjamin has a new, larger, heavier kitchen at home now (a Christmas gift from his grandpa in St. Louis), we wanted to have a little place to pretend play/cook here for him. 

The $20 American Plastic Play Kitchen
(made in the USA!) came in LOTS of pieces. Thank goodness Pop is meticulous and good with directions, which I would have rushed through and come out with I-don't-know-what! It was a good partnership project. I did lots of cutting small cookware and dinner ware out---cutting just the little connection pieces. Also had to smooth some out with an Exacto blade and a finger nail file!

Was it worth the time and effort? Of course! Our little guy played with it all day the first day, and of course, some everyday since, but not quite the fascination and dedication as that first concentrated play.
Photo won't flip for me.

I have also had fun making a couple pretend food items for the kitchen using the foam sheets I had on hand from the hobby store.

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