Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Autumn Joys

Autumn has special smells. The crisp air with the scent of fallen leaves. A whiff of smoke from a fireplace or fire pit. My spicy candle burning in the house. All of these make me happy.

Since I am of Scandinavian background, or just because I'm me, I love cool weather. Yes, I despise hot weather. Cool weather always reminds me of family vacations to the mountains when I was young. Wearing sweaters and sweat shirts again, and cozy blanket throws to wrap around me.

And the trees turning red, orange, yellow, and some just a dull brown, I watch them with awe every autumn. I never tire of that gorgeous spread of bright jewels on dark branches. Mums of the same hues are my door decor, with pumpkins of course.

My grandson and I were at our library last week and I was looking for a book about or with pumpkins, and not so much of Halloween. There was not a pumpkin book to be had. So Amazon came to the rescue and one of my favorite pumpkin books just arrived today, The Pumpkin Book by Gail Gibbons. He is too young for word-for-word reading of this book, so we will look at pictures and talk about them. We may try some simple art projects as well, with leaves and then with paint possibly. I need to look at my Pinterest boards to find the recipe for edible paint! Since he is only 18 months, most things still go into his mouth or get licked.

This season of autumn joys is fleeting, so I take time to be mindful, to look and see all the beauty. And I praise God for all of this. Thank you Lord.

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