Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Gift of Community

The Gift of Community | (in)courage:

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I have been hurt by community too. As a preacher's kid when I was in an adult Bible Study class on Sunday morning, criticism was hurled at my father. This B.S. was to be part of my spiritual nourishment for the week to come. Instead I was drained by defensiveness and anger.

Then I married a pastor. I fell in love with the man, not his career. However, at the beginning of our marriage I was not working outside the home and I was helping with everything at our small-town parish. And when even a little critical remark could almost slay me. Keeping quiet and patient has never been my strong suit. I had to work hard to stay calm and "thick-skinned". Thankfully in these situations I always have friends who would listen and help me get over it. Well, almost over it. I prayed too, for patience and understanding. Still it was very difficult.

In my mature years now, I have gained those qualities of patience and understanding. Mostly. Thank God I do have friends to vent with and get whatever out of my system. I still work on being supportive to my husband who works with these folks. And I pray. A lot.

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