Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Like a Lion

The saying goes something like this: if March comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb. Well, March in Missouri and much of the rest of the country has entered as a lion, full of fury and snow. Lots of snow. We had two snow storms the last part of February with about 19" of snow total. Schools here had four snow days. Following those snows we've had a couple days of light snow dustings or flurries. We need the moisture since we've been in a severe drought. Yet I'll admit even I, a snow and winter lover, am ready for spring! 

Today our Minnesota daughter called and they were getting a big snow. So much snow that a snow day was called for their schools, which is very unusual. Minnesota has a history of lots of snow and they cope rather well with it from what we hear and read. Our younger daughter was a substitute elementary teacher in the Twin Cities for a year and told us about getting little kindergartners or first graders dressed in their snow suits, boots, and mittens for outside recess. 

Our north-land daughter and 3-year old grandson get out and play in the snow. She reports he has a fit getting into his snowsuit, but then loves it outside and then she has a tough time getting him back inside. Isn't that the way it goes?!

Little grandson in town was not at all impressed with the snow. We brought a pan of snow in for him to touch and try, and after barely putting a finger in (that did go to his mouth) he got fussy and that was that. A friend sat her 9-month-old twins down in the snow and they both cried as well. Kids need to be a little older to enjoy playing in the snow.

In Columbia we have lots of hills for sledding. Our daughters could sled on our street or go to their nearby elementary school to sled. I even went down the big school hill once with them and we barely avoided hitting a big tree trunk. 

So back to being tired of snow. Yes, I am now looking at our decks, both partly covered with birdseed and sunflower shells from our two feeders, and thinking of cleaning them as soon as the snow melts. There are many bushes to prune too. And the Christmas decor by our front door, well that must come down now, finally. Enough of winter. Spring is near and my work is cut out for me. Even daylight savings time begins this Sunday, March 10. Cheers to spring, and March leaving like a lamb.

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