Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day

   We have a snow day in Columbia, Missouri! As a teacher, these days were always welcome. And as a parent, I'd wish like the kids that school would be cancelled. This school year has had no snow days until today. And it's really coming down, plus we have thunder and even a little lightening. I don't recall hearing thunder with snow very often before. I am happy to be sitting in a warm, cozy chair in the living room, watching the snow and our bird feeders through our large windows.

     When our kids were young, we'd always have a special snow day breakfast. So it was nice when my husband requested it today! It's an apple oatmeal "pilaf" we've eaten for breakfast. It takes longer to make than regular oatmeal. It is yummy!

     We had another tradition for the first snow of the winter. I did this as a kid too. We listened to the song "Sleigh Ride" on vinyl and now on DVD or Rhapsody. Always had to play it several times. 

     On Facebook I read last night that many kids and teachers were doing the things that are supposed to bring a no school snow day. They were wearing their PJ's inside out, and putting a spoon under their pillow! One friend from Iowa originally said she'd never heard of these methods or myths until she moved to Columbia, Missouri. Me either. 

     I recall as a child not having many snow days. Guess we were tougher then? My grade school years were split between Cheyenne, Wyoming and Prairie Village, Kansas. In Wyoming we were used to snow. In Kansas not as much. I think it was in early grade school that one snow day my father was home with us, and he helped us make molasses taffy! Another time it was vinegar taffy. We mainly helped with the pulling and eating. He did the hot stove cooking. It always turned out closer to hard candy than soft chewy taffy. Still, we loved it! And of course we loved that it was our Dad making it with us. I wonder if anyone makes taffy at home anymore? 

     On stormy days my mother would tell me when she was young they used to play paper dolls especially on rainy days when they had to stay in the house. I did have paper dolls as a child, and yes, would get them out on rainy days. I even made them a house, with an open box (no lid) and furnishings from the Sears catalog, cut out and glued to the sides of the box. It was fun.

     Maybe some day when our grandkids are a little older I'll be able to do some of these old-fashioned, fun projects with them! I know I did them with our daughters way back when. It will be fun to continue these traditions.

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