Friday, November 23, 2012

Thoughts on Activities for Grandson

The good news is my 3-year-old grandson and I did not get to even half of the possible activities I had planned for his week-long stay. Activities include toys and play things. The first couple days it was almost overwhelming for him I think. He'd play with one thing and then go to the next, and so on. His favorites he went back to often.

We don't have too many toys, to clarify, but all were new to him overall since he had not been here since early June. And our great neighbors had given us some toys that their sons had outgrown. A tricycle was included, plus a battery-powered "Monster Truck" with sounds, both big hits. 

The craft/art/science activities were few because of time and his enjoying the toys. Also, since I take care of our 6-month-old grandson who lives in town, our schedule of activities had to include bottles and naps.

We lucked out on the weather: mild and sunny for the week. He enjoyed the used tricycle, and played in the leaves with our Tonka dump truck and loader. 

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