Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm Nana to Three

My initial post on my new blog! This blog will be my place to reflect, remember, rejoice, ruminate. I want to write about my now life, about the little and big things that make an impression on me. My intention is to not deal with topics that don't have to do with children, parenting, grand-parenting, and families. So no politics, unless they immediately affect the previous! Which many political issues do but I'm going to ignore them.

I have been reading a couple other 'grandmother' blogs. Two of them I've listed below. I'm sure I'll find others I like and will share them when I find them! Just to be clear, I am writing this more for me, and for my family, than for recognition, awards, etc. This will be pretty simple compared to many.

Currently working on settings, design, etc. Can't seem to get the post text to what I want---smaller. I will keep tweaking it all!

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