Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Moving and More Moving

We have unloaded our moving van in Omaha. This week we move our apartment items/stuff to our new "old" home (1924) that is 1800 sq. ft. versus our former home that is 2700 sq. ft. Big time downsizing.This has been a whirlwind and labor intensive! 

Our decision to move was made just after Christmas. Then began the house hunt, the sorting, going through closets and storage, giving away of stuff, lots of stuff. Advice: don't buy so much stuff and go through what you have on a regular basis to give away or sell. Advice to me as well!

Childcare for grandsons, baby Jacob, and preschooler Benjamin, continued through all of this until June. My energy was stretched.

I am so ready to be in one home (after a year of an apartment and our former home in Missouri) with my fabulous husband!

The story will conti.nue..

Tuesday, December 13, 2016